By: Blonde Two

Devon and Cornwall More 4

Did you have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend? We Blondes hope you have managed to get outside and enjoy some fresh air because tonight you are going to be watching TV. ‘But why B2?’ I hear you ask. Well the answer is simple, tonight THE TWO BLONDES ARE GOING TO BE ON YOUR TV SCREENS! I hope that by now, you are up and jumping around, and have made plans to run down off your mountain, climb out of your kayak or exit your cave (if caves count as outside) and sit down (with a well-deserved beverage) on your sofa to watch your favourite Walking Blondes. We are proud to be representing this wonderful corner of Britain and appearing on More 4’s Devon and Cornwall documentary. As you must have gathered by now, we Blondes love filming (even if we do sometimes steal the camera) and it was a real privilege to be asked to show our favourite place, some wonderful Ordnance Survey maps and a bit of Dartmoor backpack camping (aka wild camping) off to the world.

Filming with True North TV

If the idea of Two Blondes being trusted with a film crew, a map, a camera, an open moor and some rather flashy TV lights, fills you with concern, we are happy to answer your questions… But not yet… Nobody likes spoilers. So if you want to find the answers to the rather unusual set of questions below, do please tune in and let us know what you think.


  1. Did the Two Blondes actually spend an October night in a hole on Dartmoor?
  2. Did Tom the camera man actually crouch outside their tent all night?
  3. Did the Two Blondes’ Ordnance Survey map help them to find anything useful?
  4. Do the Two Blondes know how to count stones?
  5. Did the Two Blondes really take over filming?
  6. Are film lights the way forward for autumn tent warming?
  7. Which pub landlord went out of his way to help with the filming?
  8. What on earth were the Two Blondes eating for breakfast?
  9. Is pre-boiling your eggs before you film them actually a good idea?
  10. Have the Two Blondes managed to outrun the paparazzi yet?
  11. Have the Two Blondes signed their next TV deal yet?

We’ll let you know the answers… when we are back from the Bafta ceremony!


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