By: Blonde Two
The Two Blondes resolution to write a blog post for every day of 2013 is set. The “Year of Dartmoor” had begun!
Both Blondes spend a great deal of time walking around the moor in the dark so that Blonde Two could get some night navigation practice for her Walking Group Leader reassessment in February. 
Two frustrated Blondes watch while Dartmoor had her first snowfall of the year.

The Two Blondes introduce the world to “extreme map folding”.

Blonde Two has her birthday and writes a reverse bucket list.
Both Blondes bonk on Dartmoor.
Blonde Two finally passes her WGL assessment (Blonde One was successful during 2012).
The Two Blondes discover their very own Dartmoor tor.
The Two Blondes have their first visit to the Dartmoor Rescue Centre.
Blonde One goes to stay in a Welsh bunkhouse in the snow.
Blonde Two ponders Welsh word pronunciations.
The Two Blondes teach a bag of Jelly Babies how to navigate. 
The Two Blondes adopt a cuckoo after hearing some up on North Dartmoor. Sadly Dart doesn’t make it to Africa but some of his Dartmoor compatriots make impressive journeys.
Blonde Two has her first and coldest wild swim of the year.
Both Blondes admire early morning skylarks and a cloud inversion over Okehampton.
The Two Blondes host their Easter Jelly Baby Event with Jelly Babies appearing in strange situations all over the country.
It is at this point that we discover that Yellow JB’s are very naughty.  Our “Two Yellow Jelly Babies” calling card is launched.
Ten Tors 2013 – the worst weather for years.
The Dartmoor world turns 50 Shades of Green.
The Two Blondes experience a Dartmoor bank holiday and consider the presence of “modgey” people.  Blonde One plays Pollyanna and sees the positive side.
The Two Blondes find themselves in the midst of a bank holiday invasion at Hexworthy Bridge.
Both Blondes experience mixed emotions at a very difficult Ten Tors event.  There is pride for the efforts of all of our youngsters.
Blonde Two attempts to turn her hand to poetry. 
Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions – both teams successful.
Blonde Two finds an unusual thing to worry about based on underwear selection and ambient weather conditions.
The Two Blondes cheer themselves up after a very wet expedition.
Together, the Blondes invent the emergency Blonde Signal.
Blonde One realises that the outdoors has taken over her life.
Blonde Two experiences an embarrassing navigation failure.
Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expeditions – both teams successful.
The Dartmoor Blob (a new species) is finally tracked down.
Both Blondes get wet and wild on a hot day.
The Two Blondes part for a while.  Blonde One goes to Morocco and Blonde Two to New Zealand.
Blonde Two plays at farming in New Zealand.
Altitude sickness and the summit of Mount Toubkal for Blonde One.
A close encounter with an earthquake for Blonde Two.

The Two Blondes go back to school for a day.
The Blondes need a new word – the “jobby” is born!
Blonde One passes her minibus test and the Two Blondes wish for a bus of their own.
The Two Blondes realise that they are becoming more and more alike.
Blonde Two starts to worry about Ten Tors 2014.
Both Blondes have a relaxing and reviving stay at Treloyhan Manor in St Ives.
Blonde Two issues important instructions regarding vests.
The Two Blondes introduce their Gatekeeper to the world.
Both Blondes and six youngsters get “rescued” from uphill Dartmoor rain and uncover some unexpected acting abilities .
A New Year’s resolution is completed.
Multiple visits to the Dartmoor Christmas Tree – our baubles are stolen.
The Two Blondes experiment with the use of an umbrella
Blonde Two expresses the need to warm up a couple of cold bits.