By: Blonde Two

I got my wage slip today. Not unusual, you might think, apart from the fact that the numbers on this one were a lot smaller than those on the previous one.

There is a good reason for this; in a moment of Blonde wisdom sometime before Christmas, I decided to reduce my “day-job” hours so that I can spend more time working on our “Jobby”.

This is a happy decision in many ways but, if things don’t go to plan, there may come a time when I have to consider alternative avenues to pay for my Jelly Babies. I have come up with a few ideas but have yet to discuss them with Blonde One. See what you think:

Two Blondes Forking (eating – yes, gardening – no).
Two Blondes Stalking (exciting but not lucrative).
Two Blondes Corking (fun but a bit drunken).
Two Blondes Dorking (we could never do that).
Two Blondes P………… (maybe not!)

Two Blondes Talking!

I think we have found Plan B!  Or was that Plan C, Plan D, or maybe even Plan E!?!