By: Blonde Two

On Saturday, once we realised that we were Bimbling alone, the Two Blondes decided to further our in depth investigation of Dartmoor local hospitality establishments.  As well as loving walking on Dartmoor, we do feel that it is our duty to our reading community to make sure that we are as acquainted with as many of the different food/drink/sleeping opportunities as possible.

So far the sleeping has led us to;

a)  Three different bunkhouses in Princetown;  The Prince of Wales (two sofas, one for each Blonde), the Plume of Feathers (lovely sausages) and Foxtor Cafe (very friendly).

b)  Several chilly camping spots including;  Holming Beam (muddy and sometimes smells of wee), Venford area (a bit on the freezing cold side) and Okehampton Camp (nowhere private at all).

We have yet to stay in a Dartmoor bed and breakfast or hotel but are open to last minute invitations should anyone have a room free.

Our exploration of Dartmoor eating spots has been interesting and usually involves those staples of walking fodder, the potato.  Often a baked potato, ham and chips or some cheesy chips.  I think we have mentioned before that we often choose exactly the same thing to eat.  Did you know that potatoes make you happy?  Nobody ever believes me about this but it is true – potatoes help you to produce serotonin which makes you feel more mellow.  You have to eat them for it to work which is why Monday found me scrabbling around in the garden after a particularly tearful day at work.

Anyway, back to the point Blonde Two!  On Saturday we decided to take a (very short but quite wet) Bimble from our comfy position of power at Foxtor Cafe to Two Bridges Hotel at (wait for it … Two Bridges).  It has never occurred to me before that, of course, Two Blondes should visit a hotel called Two Bridges for lunch.  We wouldn’t have to argue about bridges at all and could have one each.

As we set off past lunch time and with sandwiches in our rucksacks, it didn’t take us long to decide against lunch at the hotel but we were looking forward to a cup of tea. When we got there, however, there was a wedding celebration underway and the party were just emerging on a lovely red carpet into the grounds for (slightly drizzly) photos. What a lovely setting for a wedding, there was even a chap fishing with a basket on his back.

We were a bit concerned about bothering the wedding party and red carpet with our muddy boots so in the end, we took a tour of the carpark and, failing to find a back door, sat on the bridge and watched Mr Fisherman as we drank a cuppa out of our flasks.  It was all very tranquil in the rain so I feel that I am now qualified to thoroughly recommend the Two Bridges Hotel to you.  You don’t even have to go inside to enjoy yourself – although maybe next time we will!