By: Blonde Two

After our successful New Year’s Eve bivvy, Mr B2 and I have decided that we are going to try for a bivvy a month during 2015. It is nearly February already and perhaps time to start planning Bivvy-the-Second.

We need a location that he can cycle to, I can walk to, guarantees stars and faces into the sunrise (which will be spectacular). All suggestions gratefully received.

During my considerations of the topic, I came upon The Uber Bivvy! Uber Bivvy 1This is is the Rolls Royce of double bivvying! I didn’t even know until I found it that double bivvying was a thing. It would probably be very cosy but I have a few issues with the idea:

1. You would need a very strict system for getting in and out. It would be fine for the first person in but poor old Mr/Mrs second would have an undignified struggle.
2. It would make needing the loo in the middle of the night even more annoying for even more people.
3. It might get windy! (I am saying no more on this matter.)
4. It looks a bit squashy to me. I like a bit of space to fling myself around at dawn.
5. Has anyone, ever, actually tried one of these?

The Uber Bivvy is very Blonde (the sharing thing might work better with Blonde One because she is so good at systems).  It has two floor level pockets (one for each Blonde) and one pole level pocket for glasses (we would have to decide who was going to do looking that night).  Most Blonde of all is the “lightpole” option (yep, a pole that is a light).Uber Bivvy 2

Maybe the Uber Bivvy is the latest form of glamping!  We Blondes could call it Blamping!