By: Blonde One

While I am without my ‘partner in crime’ I have been persuading anyone with a pair of walking boots to come out on Dartmoor with me. Luckily Little Miss Blonde is a willing participant and since coming back from uni has had an encouraging level of interest in getting out on the hills herself. The most recent walk saw the two blondes (not The Two Blondes)  beginning our walk in a location not normally used by either Blonde. The reason for starting our walk near to Ivybridge was that the lovely Blonde Mobile needed a bit of sunroof attention and the garage was there. So we set off from a part of the moors frequented by me when I was quite young. My grandparents had a pub in Ugborough and when I used to go and visit we would go up onto the moors when the pub was closed (these were the days when pubs did actually close!). I have fond memories of the village of Ugborough and that part of the moors, so it was nice to go back and to introduce Little Miss Blonde to that part of her family history. There is lots to see on this part of the moors and I would heartily recommend a visit. The beacon itself, along with it’s neighbour, Western Beacon has some fine views over the moors and south over the countryside. It makes a very good lunch spot! As the name suggests these 2 points have been used in the past for sending signals. Fires have been lit here in an early form of communication and in celebration. I can definitely remember seeing the beacon lit on a particular day of national celebration during my childhood. I’m not going to say which day as it reveals far too much about my age! But no, it’s not anything to do with Queen Victoria!!