By: Blonde One


The latest Trinity expedition can only be described as unpredictable! It involved more dynamic planning than any expedition I have ever run. Some things were predictable in their unpredictability: like the weather but most were not.

From checking the weather forecast in the lead up to the expedition I knew that there would be some adapting to cope with the foul weather that we were to expect. All DofE expeditions have to have a route card for good weather and a route card for foul weather. The forecast told us even before we got out onto Dartmoor that we would be walking the foul weather routes.

Indeed by half way through day one Dartmoor had thrown at us most of its weather. We began the day wishing we had taken the normal weather route; it was sunny, quite warm and with excellent visibility. Soon enough the weather reminded us that it was in charge and visibility drastically reduced, the heavens opened and the wind picked up speed. This, at least, was what we expected.

Our camp spot had to be moved to cope with the direction and speed of the wind.

You might think that putting some wet and cold teenagers in this environment would result in stroppy and grumpy teenagers, but no. Trinity teenagers, I should have known, have a lot of resilience. They coped superbly with the ever changing weather, the dynamic planning and the environment generally. They stayed cheerful and positive, and demonstrated that despite things not going quite to plan, they had the ability to bounce back and find that element of positivity. I was, and am, in full admiration of their manner towards each other, their problem solving skills and their endless amounts of support for their team and their staff. I feel very privileged to have worked with them and to have witnessed something truly amazing.