By: Blonde One

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess who had everything she could ever wish for. She lived in a beautiful castle in the middle of her very own land: Dartmoor. Her parents were devoted to her and worked hard to make sure she had everything she dreamed of. She had the most fantastic gowns made from the finest silk, the most sparkling shoes made from the most delicate crystal, her jewels glittered from afar and she had every possible toy known to man. However, despite all of this she was quite unhappy. In her parents efforts to keep her safe from harm she was not allowed to have any playmates. Often when she was playing in her garden the local children would smile at her and try to make friends but her parents did not allow them in to play with her. She was a very lonely Princess. The Princess became very good at inventing her own games but it was not really enough to make her happy.

Christmas was the loneliest time for her as she heard tales of children’s parties that she could not go to, nativity plays that she could not take part in and carol concerts that would never hear her beautiful voice. At this time of year, while her parents the King and Queen were busy attending to their kingdom, she liked nothing better than to wander out of the palace up to the very top of her land to spend time – alone of course – at her favourite place. This special place was the site of her own special Christmas tree. All through December she took decorations to the tree to make it look festive and cheery and every day she took a present and laid it under the tree ready for Christmas Day. She would imagine a whole host of friends gathered around the tree, opening all of the gifts that she placed there for them. Sadly, every year, on Boxing Day she would return to the tree to gather up the unopened gifts and take them home again. Unbeknownst to the Princess, this year was to be different. Throughout December the local children of Dartmoor had watched the Princess taking gifts and decorations to the tree and made a plan to cheer up the beautiful but sad Princess.

Christmas Day arrived as normal and the Princess made her way up to the tree. It was a lovely sunny day: the birds were chirping, the lights were twinkling on the tree and carol singing could be heard. As she approached the tree, the Princess could hear that there was singing and giggling coming from the tree. There was a whole host of children there waiting for her! All were bearing gifts for her and all were very excited to see her. She took great pleasure in giving them the gifts that she had carefully placed under the tree and opening the gifts that they had brought for her. The Princess and her new friends had a lovely time at the tree playing games and singing merrily. The Princess had the best ever Christmas and knew that from this moment she would never, ever be lonely again.