By: Blonde One

On our recent bunkhouse trip we had considered having a night walk so that we could practise our navigation and so that we would feel that we had really earned our Jail Ale and sausage and mash. However, the consideration didn’t get very far before we unanimously agreed that we would much prefer a more direct route to the pub. To make us feel just a little bit less guilty we did try out some of our skills in the more urban environment of Princeton on the way to the pub. As you can see from the photos it was quite foggy so our visibility was a little bit restricted (never mind the effect of the beer and whisky!).

We made sure that we paced all of the 200 metre journey.

We aimed off to get in the pub door. Our bearing took us a little way up the pavement so we had to work our way along to the door.

We handrailed along the kerb.

The lamppost was used as an attack point.

We set a bearing frequently, but didn’t quite get as far as leapfrogging.

Although the navigation wasn’t quite as satisfying as it normally is, we certainly enjoyed it and thought that maybe this could be the beginnings of a new type of Blonde training course!