By: Blonde Two

When asked the question, ‘What is wild camping?‘ it can be difficult to come up with a suitable answer. Wild camping could be described as, ‘camping somewhere unusual’, ‘camping in touch with nature’ or ‘camping away from other people’ but none of these descriptions gives very much help as to where one should go wild camping. If you look up wild camping online, you get mixed advice. This is often because, in England, there is an imbalance between the ‘legal’ wild camping rules and the ‘acceptable’ wild camping rules. As the only place in England where legal permission to wild camp is built into the byelaws, working out the Dartmoor where to camp rules is as easy as looking at the Dartmoor National Park’s interactive wild camping map. However, the whole wild camping thing can be a bit of a minefield if, like me, you prefer to stick to the rules and don’t sleep well if you think someone is about to come and tell you off, so how about a bit of Nearly Wild Camping?

We Blondes think we have found a bit of a solution to the, ‘Where can I wild camp in England?’ question. We have recently partnered up with Nearly Wild Camping and will be working with them as ambassadors. Nearly Wild Camping work closely with a community of location owners, across the UK and beyond, who want to offer diverse camping opportunities to people who prefer a wilder camping experience.

Their facilities are minimal (or ‘wild’) and include woodland camping, farm camping, hammocking opportunities, campfire possibilities, campervan options and a wide range of alternative toileting arrangements! In short, if you like wild camping, you will like Nearly Wild Camping.


We are currently finding a few dates in the Blonde calendar to try out a couple of the beautiful-looking Nearly Wild Camping sites and will be reporting back to you with our findings. In the meantime, we recommend that you take a look at the Nearly Wild Camping website and find out a bit more about their ethos. We like it and we think you will too!