By: Blonde Two

Although it may sound like it; this isn’t a sponsored post. I just wanted to tell you how much I love my little green One-Blonde tent.Tent

I definitely love it, but it is possible that I have only used it once since we Blondes entered the World-of-Blog. There is a good reason for this; despite being lovely, my little Vango definitely only has room for one. When you become a Two-Blonde, sleeping bag chatter becomes a very necessary part of life; necessary, but difficult if you are not in the same tent.

So Blonde One (and often Little-Miss-Blonde) and I share a bigger tent. Sometimes mine, sometimes hers, sometimes LMB’s. It is warmer that way and much more sociable; but I still love my Vango. Let me tell you why:

1. It only weighs 1.5 kilos and is small enough to squidge into one of those stretchy pockets on your rucksack if you want it to.

2. With one hoop pole (plus a tiny end one) and only seven pegs. It is a doddle to put up in the dark, when you are tired, and very fed up, and really just want your dinner.

3. It is orange on the inside. Girly I know, but even on a misty Dartmoor morning, a bit of orange can allow you to imagine that the sun is shining outside (plus, it matches my sleeping bag).Dawn Camp2

4. It smells exactly like a tent should. That heady mix of outdoors and a hint of canvas is just perfect.

5. It has a little porch (some say too little) that just fits my boots, my poles and my stove.

6. I can just about sit up in it and gaze at the great outdoors/make a cup of tea/put my boots on.Tent Doorway

7. It was with me at the start of my walking adventures. When I didn’t even know what being Blonde was.

8. There is just room for me, Big Orange (sleeping bag) and a well strapped up rucksack inside.Fi Tent

9. It can be (but isn’t necessarily in February) very cosy.

10. It is mine and not every girl has her own adventure tent!