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June 2021 – With camping so popular this year, tents seem to be in short supply. To help you Get Outside, we’ve located an excellent range of Vango tents still in stock at Winfield Outdoors. 

Vango tent review

The Vango Soul 300 is orange …

Well in truth, it comes in three different colours: Blonde-One-Blue, Blonde-Two-Orange and Manly-Black; but as it bills itself as, “An ideal starter tent.” and I was doing the ordering, I choose orange to perfectly compliment my sleeping bag, ‘Big Orange’.

Vango Soul 2 Review

Because it is a starter tent, I decided that taking the Soul 300 up into Dartmoor’s unpredictable weather for its first outing might be a bit too Blonde; so I plumped for a family meadow camp in the shadow of the Malvern Hills.

An easy tent to pitch

There were many things that I liked about the tent’s design:

PITCHING: It has an easy to pitch, two pole, inner first system. Some people don’t like inner first tents, but they do tend to be stable and the Soul was no exception. Anybody who has a modicum of tent experience would be able to pitch it quickly, but there are plentiful instructions for the true beginner.

Vango Soul 4 Review

Plenty of storage space for a small tent

SHAPE: Although the porch is small when zipped up (big enough only for boots, stoves and slugs), the wide open front of this tent allows plenty of headroom for sitting in bed and admiring the views (in my case, a beautiful oak tree and my equally beautiful niece and nephew). Vango Soul 1 Review

The inside is spacious with adequate sleeping space for three without walking kit. If like me, you sometimes struggle to ‘dismount’ your tent, the wide porch allows for a more dignified exit than some other small tents.

Great for summer and spring camping

WEATHER PROTECTION: I initially thought that I would not take this tent if I was wild camping on Dartmoor; but after my meadow camp, I had second thoughts. We had a fair amount of weather; it stayed stable in the wind and I detected only one drip onto the inner after a night of heavy rain. The hydrostatic head (waterprooficity) is 3,000 which is perfectly adequate for all but the wettest British camping outings.

Check your tent pegs

NIGGLES: I can honestly say that I enjoyed my camp in this tent and plan to use it again many times over the summer (cue rain). There were a couple of things that prospective buyers should be aware of: 1) It arrived with two pegs too few for the number of peg points. I am awaiting a reply from Vango on this. (Later note: The helpful chaps at Vango assure me that pegs are hand counted before distribution but should there be any missing, they are happy to send some out.) 2) The wide porch, although very pleasing, does mean that you have to be careful not to allow drips in when you open the door.

Vango Soul 3 Review

A great first-time tent

For a spring into summer camp, I would recommend this tent. It is suitable for two walkers, three campers with a car or a Blonde who fancies relaxing in spacious luxury. It doesn’t have all of the mod-cons that Vango sometimes supply (I missed a double zip for ventilation) but little touches like pockets and a lantern hook add to the enjoyment, and made my three night camp a very pleasant experience.

Buy a tent today

If you haven’t joined the rush to try camping yet, we Blondes can definitely recommend it. Why not invest in your first tent today, and get started on a whole new life adventure.


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