By: Blonde One

World Challenge Expeditions

One of the many, many benefits to working with World Challenge as a school is that the team are provided with tents to use on their expedition which are able to be kept by the school after the trip.

Tents for expeditions

The tents are usually provided by Vango which are particularly good at doing school trip type expedition tents. There are a good number of Vango tents in the school kit store both from World Challenge and DofE expeditions!

Vango adventure tents

Whilst the sun was shining I took the opportunity to pitch my newest addition to the collection in the garden, the Vango summit. It is my first orange tent and I must say that I love it!

It’s probably the biggest ‘one person’ tent that I have because of the very spacious side porch area. The height of it is good too.

Simple tent poles

What I like best though is the ingenious pole system. When you take the poles out of the bag there is no need for the ‘which pole goes where’ question as they are all linked together already. You just clip them all together into each other or the 2 joints at either end. This pole framework then lies easily over the top of the inner when it’s on the ground, ready to be put into the holes at the 4 corners. Finally the inner gets clipped onto the pole framework.

Quick pitching tents

It’s without a doubt the easiest tent I’ve ever pitched! There’s no worrying about getting the right pole into the right sleeve, there are no sleeves at all so no more snagging as you feed it through or becoming separated as you remove it. It truly is ingenious. Well done Vango!