By: Blonde One

No, not wine gums or wasps, but map cases! Whilst walking with our D of E group last week the Two Blondes walked in an area that wasn’t Dartmoor. This resulted in using a map that is not so well used and therefore not laminated. Since the weather on Saturday was hideous, I had to use those awful things that go by the name of ‘map cases’! Normally I buy a laminated map which gets a heavy battering every walking season and only usually lasts  2 years at the most. But it is easy to handle, change sides and refold as the walk progresses! Map cases however, seem to have one sole purpose: to irritate me! I find them unweildy to handle, they necessitate folding the map in unnatural places and need taking out and adjusting at frequent intervals! I also can’t bear it on a breezy day when a map case hanging round your neck spins round so much that it nearly strangles you or catches a sudden gust and you end up with a slap in the face! I know some people tie their compass to them and keep their route card dry in them but for me they are just a pain! I would much rather buy a new map every 2 years (after all, it’s good to get an updated map every now and then).

If only I had access to room 101!!!