By: Blonde One

Since joining Trinity School I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in several outdoors activities already. It’s not really hard to get involved as there are so many opportunities around all the time! The school has a list of ‘Vision Words’ that they try to foster and encourage in all of their students. These words are regularly talked about, witnessed and celebrated in all aspects of school life. Students are encouraged to strive to achieve these qualities. It’s very easy to witness them all in the classroom and in general school life but even easier to see these qualities oozing out of each and every student when they are in the outdoors. Should anyone suggest that outdoor experiences are not as valuable as classroom learning it would take a short trip out to let them see these qualities, and more, being demonstrated. Here’s a few examples of the evidence of some of these ‘Vision Words’:

Passion: working with so many youngsters who share my passion for the outdoors and particularly Dartmoor is such a pleasure.

Resilience: despite the Bronze DofE group being tired at the end of their first day they still were cheerful and motivated.

Courage: signing up to a life changing trip to Morocco despite being apprehensive about the size of the challenge.


Leadership: this could be witnessed in bucket loads as the Prefects worked with the younger years leading activities on Dartmoor.

Confidence: working with a student who is not the most academically successful come to life after a compass has been placed in his hand. His powers of observation and precision made him a suberb navigator.


The youngsters that leave Trinity School will be fabulous young adults if they can show these ‘Vision Words’ in their daily lives and prove that the ‘youth of today’ are indeed fine young people with qualities that we should all aspire to emulate.