By: Blonde Two

Haytor Rock (and Haytor Vale) really do have a lot going for them. As one of Dartmoor’s busier beauty spots, it is easy to be put of by the crowds and ignore its bounty. But please don’t be discouraged from visiting this geological gem.

Haytor Rock is a rewarding experience for rock-adventurers of a wide range of ages, wearing a wide range of footwear and exhibiting a wide variety of climbing ability. The rock-adventurer in you (everybody has one) can climb up (as in with ropes) via ‘The Haggis’ (no I’m not making that up), walk up the 19th Century steps cut into the rock or, (as I did) crawl up in a slightly embarrassed but determined manner.


Once you have attained your own personal summit (you can see from the top photo that mine was not actually at the top), there are plentiful views to be admired. Have a look at the coast and then out across to the high moor, if you look in the right direction, you might spot the North Hessary Tor mast in Princetown.

Once you have clambered, strode or abseiled down this most excellent of tors (475m), you should take some time to explore the area. Man has made his (or probably her) mark across Haytor Vale, but to my mind, this only adds to its (or probably her) beauty and fascination.

But that, as they (or probably she) say(s), is another story.

PS Whilst at Haytor, it would be rude not to visit the Visitor Centre and buy one of our books (you might even find a photo of us). Should you also be lucky enough to find a Home Farm Cafe team in the car park, you should definitely try their most excellent coffee and cakes!