By: Blonde One

The recent trip in France revealed a lot about the country that is important to The Two Blondes. It is good to get to know the country that you’re in and I feel like I have discovered some important information. I can only apologise if your idea of important doesn’t quite match mine!

The French are very good at food. I have consumed vast quantities of cheese, numerous juicy grapes and some very garlicky snails.


The climate here lends itself to picnics. There are an abundance of picnic sites, complete with car parks (free), tables and bins. These sites are nearly always occupied by families who take their picnicking seriously (it is the norm to use a tablecloth)!

Along with the food, the French are excellent at wine and cognac. It is easy to get very cheap, very good quality booze (important to go with the cheese)! One of the Two Blondes is better at drinking than the other!

As you know I like a bit of shopping, so I was very pleased to see so many Decathlon shops. These are packed to the brim with all things sporty including lots and lots of walking equipment, all at a very reasonable price. Heaven!

It may seem that I am saying that France is better than Dartmoor for some things but I’m not. There is one thing that we do here that the French could learn a thing or two about. Loos! The French (sorry if you are a French person reading this) are rubbish at loos! They were nearly always grubby and the segregation between sexes was sadly lacking. It is very off putting for all concerned when women have to walk right past a line of men stood at the urinals!

I will miss lots of French things but I’m still very glad to be home.