By: Blonde Two

I made friends with a Vogelbeerbaum in Austria and (if you remember) wrote a poem about it.  Maybe not my best attempt at writing ever but you have to agree that our name for the Rowan Tree is nowhere near as exciting as the German one.

German is quite cool because it just strings lots of words together to make bigger ones. Imagine what fun Blondes could have with this;  minibusreversingstrategy, steppingstoneavoidanceroute, teaflaskstoppingstone … I have many, many more!

Vogel = bird, beer = berry and baum = tree.  Thus, if you happen to be wondering Dartmoor and see a smallish tree with alternate, pinnate leaves and bright orange berries, you are probably looking at a BirdBerryTree.DSC_2435It became quickly clear during Sunday’s search for a BirdBerryTree photo that the birds know exactly what the Rowan Tree is for as they had already eaten most of the BirdBerries on most of the trees.  This little specimen was the only one I could find!