By: Blonde Two

We Blondes are very proud of our blog and it is clear from my ‘special Blonde administrator’ numbers that lots of you Blondees and Blondettes enjoy reading it.

We never expected, however, to be nominated for a national award …

But we have been … The Great Outdoors Awards 2014 (Outdoor Blogger of the Year). This is obviously a matter of great importance to us.  The prize appears to be … well I think it is an evening at a Lake District pub full of outdoorsy people and canapes (I didn’t know they had canapes in the Lake District) … which, as you can imagine, we Two Blondes would enjoy very much (in disguise of course).

I have no idea of competition protocol in these circumstances, but if it isn’t cheating … you can vote for us here (the Outdoor Blog category is the last one).  While you are at it, cast a vote for the wonderful Fox Tor Cafe in Princetown too.  If they win, we Blondes might get some canapes!