By: Blonde Two

I hope you will excuse us Blondes for getting just a little bit excited about our recent nomination for The Great Outdoors “Blogger of the Year” Award (you can vote here if you would like to  I have to confess that I had a quick look at our competition ‘rivals’ yesterday.  As you can imagine, this “quick look” took me ages because I like to read blog posts about the outdoors as much as I like to write them.

I discovered that we are in prestigious company.  There are people out there who crawl through rivers, walk barefoot across whole countries, travel the world in a matchbox, camp under a handkerchief, make amazing videos with just a pinhole camera and look perfectly stunning while they do it.

Ok so I may have over exaggerated in the above list, but you get my drift.  Self-depreciation however, is never a good thing so here are some reminders of what makes us different:

We are secret, we write a blog post every day, we laugh a lot, we sometimes cry, we love Dartmoor, we are very silly, we are very sensible, we talk to trees, we have lots of systems, we invented the ‘position of power’, we can be trusted with a minibus, we can navigate at night, we have our own ‘Blonde Tor’, we have been in bogs up to our thighs, we love cheesy chips, we love Fox Tor Cafe … WE ARE BLONDE!!

Who wouldn’t want to vote for all of that!?!