By: Blonde Two

Next Saturday (not tomorrow) Blonde One and I are going on a train adventure. Blonde One won’t be driving the train and I won’t be navigating, which is just as well because train journeys are a great opportunity for chatting and laughing and, now we work in different buildings, we have plenty of that to do. We are going up to Bristol to the WAExpo, which I can’t pronounce but stands for ‘Women in Adventure Exposition’. WAExpo isn’t anything to do with depilation (despite the fact that I keep calling it WAXPO) although depilation is an entirely suitable subject for a load of ladies who love the outdoors to discuss (thought for next year’s talks maybe).

I am not sure I have ever been to an exposition before. I have been to plenty of exhibitions (on both sides of the stand), but as I understand it, at an exposition you discuss, discourse, appraise and critique upon a subject (in this case the subject being ‘women who like doing outdoor stuff’. I can talk on this subject for hours but I don’t think it is my turn to talk this time. All I have to do is listen, enjoy and take in the atmosphere.

We will let you know how we get on with our ‘expositioning’ of course, but for now, here is a list of things I am hoping I will do when we get there (as well as chatting to B1 of course):


I’m hoping to meet lots of like-minded, equally crazy women (not that I am short of those in my life)

I’m hoping to hear about what women are doing to get themselves outside

I’m hoping to hear about what women are doing to get other women outside

I’m hoping to enjoy sitting down and listening for once instead of being ‘in charge’

I’m hoping to ask intelligent and thought provoking questions

I’m hoping not to mention poo in any of above questions

I’m hoping to have a great train ride up to Bristol with B1 (plus a few train snackettes)

I’m hoping to meet some of the great contingent of Devon women who I know are going

I’m hoping to put faces to lots of social media names (who knew that ‘Pees-at-Dawn’ was so pretty?)

I’m hoping to see outdoor swimming well-represented

I’m hoping to be inspired to attempt some new and daring things

I’m hoping to just have a jolly nice day talking and laughing about what I love!

See you there if you are a women… if you aren’t… well tough luck!


PS What on earth does a girl wear to an expo?