By: Blonde One

Country Walking magazine have again launched their Walk 1000 miles campaign in an effort to help us all get fitter and healthier and enjoy being outside more. I’ve decided to join in this year and have been religiously logging my efforts so far. My Progress Tracker is well underway. The campaign makes it very easy to record your miles walking. You can either use the map colouring option, the online option or the thermometer option. Or even all three!

The many prestigious partner companies include our very own Ordnance Survey, Rohan, Slimming World, Bridgedale, to name but a few so I know I am in good company.

Working out the average weekly mileage I need to complete to achieve my goal I am onto a great start. 1000 divided by 52 (weeks) is just over 19 miles. My average so far is well above this! Maybe I should be going for 2000 miles instead?