By: Blonde Two

There is a song by the Proclaimers which is not called “I could walk 500 miles” despite that being what everyone presumes is its title.  The lyrics talk about walking a lot and getting back to a loved one but they are not really important, neither is its real name of “I’m Gonna Be” unless you happen to be searching for it on your fellow Blonde’s ipod whilst a minibus of impatient teenagers demand it.

What is important is that this song has become the war-cry for our 35 Mile Ten Tors team.  It all started on the minibus when we developed a “singing method”.  Very simple really, when the song gets to the chorus (something along the lines of “Da da-da da da!”), the youngsters in the back sing first and then the “youngsters” in the front respond.

This was great fun and led to the song being repeated many times.  What was even more fun and very heartwarming however, was that on Saturday, every time the team met us at a checkpoint, we could hear “Da da-da da da” coming over the hill before we could see them.  Obviously it would have been very rude of us not to respond so you may have spotted (or heard) Two Blondes singing “Da da-da da da” at the tops of their voices if you were up on North Dartmoor at the right (or wrong) time.

We intend to continue this musical training with the production of lyric sheets so that they can learn the whole song.  It is a bit of an earworm (a song that gets stuck in your head) which is fine for a Ten Tors team because after rigorous testing, the Two Blondes have decided that walking in pace with the Proclaimers moves you along at exactly 5 kilometres per hour (just right for a 35 Mile team).

If you have ever waited (and waited, and waited) at Ten Tors finish line to see your team come in, you will understand how tricky it can be to work out which ones are yours as they come down the hill.  In my head, ours will now be easy to find as we will hear “Da da-da da da” come echoing across the valley towards us!