By: Blonde Two

I have recently started walking home from work, which sounds entirely normal for someone who enjoys walking but maybe a bit unusual when you remember that, for me, home is also work. When I was a teacher my drive home from work should have been a walk but, as I often had to start working again as soon as I got home, walking didn’t happen that often. Maybe it would have helped with the weariness levels because what actually did happen was that I used to pull up outside the house and remain in the drivers seat for sometimes up to half an hour because I was too tired to get out. I was occasionally known to fall asleep.

These days I work pretty hard but not such crazy hours and usually finish work at around… well finishing work time. In many ways, having only to walk upstairs to the kitchen for my evening commute is a treat but I have recently found that I miss that break and the headspace that a little journey home can give you.

So I have started walking home from work. The distance between my front door and… my front door is approximately 2 kilometres. It is a pleasant enough walk, in the summer I will be able to go through the copse but, for now, I enjoy the sea views, taking photos of trees and squashing what is left of the autumn leaves.

Of course, my self-imposed walk has advantages over the forced commute of others. For a start I can cheat and have my walk home before it gets dark (always time for a bit more office once I get back), I can watch the weather and avoid any predictable deluges and I don’t have to walk to work in the mornings if I don’t feel like it (one could, I suppose, argue that I sea swim to work every morning).

The only problem I have discovered is that sometimes (because I like my jobbie so much) I find myself forgetting to walk home from work… so I spend the night at the office… its really quite comfortable!


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