By: Blonde Two

Dartmoor can be at its most beautiful at night, it can also be at its most creepy.  I have mixed feelings about being out after dark but am making myself do it at the moment to hone my navigation skills.

Blonde One and I have spent much time trying different torch approaches.  Red is the one that is recommended for night navigation as it allows you to read the map but not lose all of your night vision.  I think that I must be too tall for red though as I can never see where I am putting my feet – I like to know what I am about to tread on.  So we have opted for white light which works with the map but unfortunately means that tors can creep up on you – you can be right next to one in the mist and not spot it.

On Tuesday however, it was just dimpsy (you will have to ask Blonde One what that means) and I came up with a much more exciting method of lighting the way.  I wore the star shaped Christmas lights back to the car.  I am not sure what the drivers thought as we walked the road section but hopefully I cheered their commute home up a bit.