By: Blonde Two

After spending some time now talking to the UK walking community, I have come to the conclusion that people who like walking also like lists.  Maybe we are an organised lot … or maybe not.

Some people like lists of mountains or hills Munros, Wainrights, Marilyns (had to look those up).  This seems to make sense and must add to the thrill of the chase – we have tors on Dartmoor which are not as high but there are loads and some of them are very difficult to find.  The “Legendary Dartmoor” website has the most comprehensive list of tors that I could find.

Other people (and some of the same ones)  like kit lists.  We love them and use them a lot with youngsters.  The start of Ten Tors weekend brings on a frenzy of kit lists and checking.  It is always interesting to look at someone else’s rucksack kit list and see how yours measures up.  As we have both forgotten vital pieces of kit recently (Blonde One boots and Blonde Two coat), we are seriously considering having our own kit lists permanently in our rucksacks (beautifully written and laminated of course).

I could be wrong but I think that girls are more attached to their lists than boys.  This judgement relies mainly on the looks on the faces of the blokes in our team when we sit over breakfast at Foxtor Cafe in Princetown and pull out the notebooks and pens just before a camping expedition.  Feel free to disagree with me!