By: Blonde Two

I took a little nine kilometre Blonde Bimble last Saturday. It was a route that we Blondes know well (with a few little twists to keep me interested) and I went on my own because Blonde One was still on the Isles of Scilly (I did think at one point that she wasn’t going to come home!)

Half way up Rippon Tor, my body gave me an important message, it said, loud and clear, “You’ve been spending too much time writing about walking and not enough time actually doing it.”

Sadly my body is rarely wrong about these things. With Exmoor (contour lines), the Cairgngorms (closer contour lines) and the Peak District (not sure about the contour lines) all coming up I need to sort this situation out. It is amazing how quickly we can get out of condition, it only seems like yesterday that we were on our final Ten Tors training.

Mr Blonde Two now has instructions to quiz me at the end of each day, about my physical activity levels.

Walking not writing is the motto for June!