By: Blonde One


Copyright: Ordnance Survey 2016

This weekend I went out for a little bimble to make the most of one of the last few stunning autumn days and I found something incredible! Already from the screenshot of the map you will be able to see that it was an incredible walk, as I appear to have developed the power to walk on water. We Blondes are good at walking you know?!

What actually happened is that I went to Fernworthy Reservoir for my bimble with the intention of seeing the 2 bridges that have been exposed due to extreme low water levels. What I found far exceeded my expectations and was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen on Dartmoor. Upon leaving the car park I walked along the edge of the water and found the remains of a hut circle. I was surprised to see how intact it was and apart from the greenery, it looked as if it had never been under water.

The most amazing sight confronted me next as I neared Fernworthy Bridge which would have crossed the South Teign river. It was fully operational and except for a few small missing stones was again surprisingly intact. Maybe water is a good preserver after all! The water levels were so low that even the river was reduced to a mere gentle flowing stream.

20161105_140438 20161105_141329

Further up stream from Fernworthy Bridge was the 400 year old clapper bridge. This too was crossable and looked as secure as any of the clapper bridges I have crossed. I was amazed at their condition and it all felt a bit strange to be walking on the bed of a reservoir that I have only ever seen full.

20161105_141440  20161105_14043820161105_140438

Whilst I had a fantastic afternoon and enjoyed seeing these incredible sights, I can’t help but wish that they were submerged. The fact that the water levels are so low as we get into November cannot be a good thing can it? It’s not often that I pray for rain but if you had looked carefully this weekend you might have seen me doing a Blonde kind of rain dance on the shores.