By: Blonde Two

It’s a well known fact that we Blondes love walking. Whether it’s walking for fun, wandering to fill an afternoon, or striding out to get somewhere important, walking is definitely our favourite mode of transport.

In fact walking has to be one of the best modes of active transport there is. Think about it. No punctures to mend, no skateboard jumps to negotiate, no paddles to lose in the lake. There’s no doubt about it, walking is fabulous.

Which is perhaps why I found myself on one sunny June afternoon, trying something a bit unusual. I decided to try and walk down the River Dart from Totnes to Kingswear (from where I could catch the steam train back to Paignton, then walk across Tor Bay home). Most people of course would choose to follow the lovely riverside footpaths that join these two towns but I decided to be different.

I decided to try actually walking on the water! 

You can probably see from the picture above how I got on!!