By: Blonde Two

This morning I got up at 6.30.  It wasn’t funny, I have two weeks off work and the first day, the very first day, I got out of bed when it was still night.  Work days apart, the only reason I would usually do that is to take youngsters on a Dartmoor expedition.  Today wasn’t that exciting, I didn’t need a flask, sandwiches or emergency chocolate.  Today I was doing the Christmas food shopping.

All quite usual you might say but tricky for me as I have a deep aversion to supermarkets.  Mr Blonde Two usually does the shopping (thanks Mr B2).  He doesn’t let me come with him because a) I spend too much money and b) I can only last 30 mins in a supermarket without having to make a run for the door.  So I thought I would write a short comparison of my least and most favourite things and see if I could make sense of them;

1.  Supermarkets are warm and have chirpy music – Dartmoor is cold and you can usually only hear the wind.

2.  Supermarkets have lots of friendly people in bright orange and green clothes – Dartmoor is quite lonely and the only orange things are the odd bit of fungus.

3.  Supermarkets have at least three versions of any food you could possibly want to eat – on Dartmoor, I usually only find a squashed scotch egg in my lunch box.

4.  Supermarkets have toilets with toilet paper – Dartmoor has rocks and sphagnum moss.

I could go on but Dartmoor is not looking favourable in this comparison.  I am not sure why I love one and hate the other but I do know that it was so busy at the supermarket this morning that I could have done with that flask and emergency chocolate after all.