By: Blonde Two

Swimming is not really like walking apart from the fact that both involve waggling your legs in order to get somewhere.  It is important not to get the two muddled up as this may lead to drowning, looking rather silly or both of the above.

In the swimming pool you would be forgiven for imagining that more swimming than walking happens.  My experiences have proved this to not always be the case.

I am ashamed to admit that I used to get very annoyed (Grouchy-Blonde) when people insisted on walking backwards and forwards across the pool while I was trying to swim up and down it.  This changed very quickly when I was recovering from my broken ankle (Dartmoor injury) and needed walking practice myself.

I haven’t learnt my lesson though, and still think that in the main, pools should be for swimming and moors for walking. The only two places that I can think that this would be wrong would  be the sections of Dartmoor where bright green ground is almost always masking muddy green water, and Galilee where someone once purportedly chose walking on top of the water as a more practical option than swimming in it.