By: Blonde One

February 2020

There’s something really lovely about walking with a dog. Even when you have a human companion, it makes a walk even more special if you have some canine company too. As well as finding the best way through a bog and giving you a little pull up a hill, their wagging tails and cheery trotting gives you a spring in your step. Man’s best friend gives you someone to talk to if you’re on your own and is also a great conversation starter when on the hill. There’s also something very satisfying about taking your tired companion to the pub at the end of the walk and seeing it sleeping by the fire. Buster, featuring in several pictures here, is getting on a bit now and is recovering from a bit of a back leg problem. Nevertheless he loves to #GetOutside still and especially loves securing a fireside spot at the pub!

Having said all of that – neither Blonde Two or I have a dog (ask us when you see us about Arthur though)! Little Miss Blonde is desperate for one and I hope that when she does she will let me take it for long Dartmoor walks and trips to the pub afterwards.