By: Blonde Two

Mr Blonde Two and I had a lovely day out last week. For his birthday I had bought him a day’s Morgan hire and he had chosen to drive us along to Lyme Regis.


I have only been to Lyme Regis once before and just like last time, I was impressed. Before you even remember about the fossils and the history, the lines of cliffs on either side draw you to explore them. That is until you spot the Cobb which is surely the most beautiful harbour ever built by man (or maybe even woman). The Cobb (of French Lieutenant’s Woman fame) is a lovely Bimble all on its own. If you are feeling brave you can climb the steps and walk along the vertiginous wall whilst you attempt to simultaneously admire the waves and ignore the seaward slope. If you do choose this option, I will be impressed if you opt for the furthest set of steps back down onto the harbour proper, you know those stiles where the climbing stones jut out of the wall, well this is a very long and fairly wide apart set of those!


Once we had explored Lyme Regis we set off in our red sporty number to Charmouth where we had a great time walking on the beach, visiting the excellent visitor centre and exclaiming over the astounding fossils therein. I spent some time trying to comprehend the time scales involved but my poor brain couldn’t cope, everything is so old and I ended up feeling so insignificant (which of course I am). How astounding and what a privilege that this evidence of the world’s development is so beautifully revealed in these fossils.


I am definitely going to return to the Jurassic Coast, do some more beach walking, contemplate some more eons and hopefully find my own little piece of this astounding history!