By: Blonde Two

No good people, Harry isn’t Blonde One.  Blonde One is definitely a girl, has only two legs and can’t jump twice her body height.  Harry is my geriatric Jack Russell terrier and he doesn’t usually get invited to Dartmoor.

That sounds rather mean particularly as he loves the moors but the problem is that I can’t trust him.  He barks at livestock, runs onto roads, grumps at other dogs after pretending to be friendly and tries to steal tors.  I would like to add that he has never managed to bring a tor home but this has not been from lack of trying.  Jack Russells are diggers born and bred but Harry is not interested in foxes or rabbits, he just wants to dig up huge lumps of granite.

Not being able to trust Harry means that he has to be on a lead at all times and this is my problem.  I have no idea how to juggle two walking poles, a map, a compass and a dog lead.  Yesterday was a short two hour walk so we managed with one walking pole and a map tucked into my rucksack strap.  I have to say that he was good company and obviously really enjoyed himself so maybe I will take him again.  One benefit I did discover was that Harry, being short, likes to be at the top of everything so we spent a lot of time walking up hill.  Left to my own devices, I will often follow a contour line rather than slog up a hill.  Cancel the personal trainer, I think I have found an alternative.