By: Blonde Two

Calling all Dartmoor folk. This Blonde needs a bit of Ten Tors help. Not with training – we have plenty of that organised, not with breakfast – the shopping list is done and the frying pan is oiled; no, I need help with some photographs.

I have just written an article for Ordnance Survey all about the Ten Tors Challenge (all part of being a Get Outside Champion) but it is a subject close to Blonde hearts. If you ever read it, you will forgive me I hope for sounding a bit emotional (I wasn’t even playing Chariots of Fire as I wrote). Hopefully the article will end up on the OS blog but my problem is that I need some photographs of lovely Ten Tors youngsters doing their rugged team thing.

I seem to very good at taking photos of all sorts of other things but am sadly lacking when it comes to Ten Tors photos. This is probably because it is often a) raining, b) dark or c) raining some more. Or it might be because my hands are usually full of a) walking poles, b) a compass, c) a map and d) Jelly Babies. There was also the whole load of images that got lost due to a misunderstanding at my establishment.

So, if you have some reasonably high res pictures that you would like presented alongside an article about Ten Tors on the Ordnance Survey website where lots of outdoorsy people will look at them, do let me know. Obviously they would be happy to give you some credit – maybe even a little link … thank you, you are very lovely!

Email Fi (or you can call me B2):