By: Blonde Two

Well, what a lovely day the Two Blondes had yesterday.  We scavenged for fuel (diesel), braved wind and rainbows on the A30, arrived safely in Cornwall and navigated (by the skin of our teeth) our way to the lovely manor house that is Treloyhan Manor, St Ives.  I did have a brief battle with the sat nav. which insisted, rather stubbornly for a while, that I had asked it to take us to “Stibb’s Cross”.  I have no idea where Stibb’s Cross is but the whole thing did make us laugh (a lot).

As we drove up the drive to Treloyhan Manor, the Two Blondes were suddenly quiet – it is a lovely building set in pretty gardens, with great views of the sea.  Our quietness did not disappear as we went to check in.  You know how with some hotels, you have the feeling of things being a bit too rigid, a bit too clinical and a bit too machine-like? Treloyhan Manor is absolutely the opposite of all of those things.  We had the warmest and most helpful of welcomes from Jenny on reception.  We had a little explore as we went up to our (absolutely lovely) room and the whole place had the same feeling of peace and restfulness.  Kind of like being at home but with a much bigger staircase.

Our first activity was an exploration of our room.  You have to remember here that the Two Blondes usually only spend nights together in very cold tents – we were very excited by this new mode of sleep.  We found everything that a tent doesn’t have, there was a loo for a start with real toilet paper.  We were particularly excited as well, to find dressing gowns, slippers, a sea view, two shower caps (for Blonde hair) and best of all, a bottle of wine with a friendly welcome note.


We had coffee next looking out at the gardens and set to planning today’s walk.  Again, the lovely Jenny on reception couldn’t have been more helpful.  Then it was time for dinner with three delicious courses of all things Cornish – as usual, the Two Blondes had exactly the same to eat, choosing Cornish hake (excellent choice) for their main course.

To improve on such a lovely, relaxing afternoon and evening would be difficult but Treloyhan Manor managed to completely and utterly do it by the sudden appearance after dinner of the Trelawney Singers – a Cornish male voice choir.  I am not sure how anyone could have known but male voice choirs are an absolute favourite of mine and I am not afraid to say that Blonde tears were shed during the performance.  The banter and camaraderie of the choir was very entertaining and a perfect end to a lovely day.

All of that without even going for a walk yet.  Roll on tomorrow and thanks for today …