By: Blonde Two

Anyone who has worked away from civilisation with a bunch of young people will know that finding a “toilet” can be very difficult.  You have to take your opportunities while you can and often in some very strange places.

Weeing in the dark is one Blonde preferred method.  We have a morning routine of waking up half an hour before we have told the youngsters to do so (this can mean that we are up at 4.30) and relieving our feelings before issuing an alarm call.  I nearly got caught out with a sneaky in-the-dark wee stop this weekend when, thinking that a parent’s car had gone, I squatted in the direct line of his (turned off) headlights.  One moment earlier and his main beams would have been lighting up my main beam!DSC_0885I had another interesting wee encounter when I needed to go up at Three Barrows.  It was very cold and windy, there were two holes and we were sheltering in hole one.  As there are places that the wind should really not go, I opted for hole two.  Mid-way through the exercise, I looked up and saw this fellow staring at me rather crossly.  I am very glad that, for once, it wasn’t dark!