By: Blonde One



Scotland does water very well; perhaps it’s because there’s so much of it!? I spent some lovely moments of time observing it and considering why it was so much more interesting than Devon water. I wondered if it was because it was so cold and sometimes frozen: it is not common to find so much iced-up water back home, thus creating a fascination. Or perhaps it was merely because I had time to stop and really look at it. Seeing the extraordinary in ordinary things is very rewarding and brings a whole new level of depth to the everyday things that we’re surrounded by. Norman MacCaig, a poet from Edinburgh, wrote a poem that sums it up. ‘An Ordinary Day’ describes how the ‘light glittered on the water’ and how the water was ‘shilly-shallying’.

These photos don’t really do justice to the real thing but they’re interesting nevertheless.


DSC02087 DSC02082 DSC02088