By: Blonde Two

8124564438_36f5d5d7f4_sAs most of you will have gathered by now, the Two Blondes night time excursions into the depths of Dartmoor (well quite near roads in truth) have a purpose.  We both took our Walking Group Leader assessments in October and clever Blonde One passed but I needed to improve on my night navigation.

My reassessment has now been scheduled for February and I am rather nervous about the forthcoming event.  Indeed, after the last time, I was heard to mutter “I never want to do that again” as I crawled back into Blonde One’s car.  Hopefully practice will make perfect but I have been clutching at straws and hoping for a full moon on the dreaded night.

Those of you who know us well will understand the futility of this hope.  The Two Blondes only ever manage to go walking in the rain or mist so the moon could be fuller than a full thing in full land and I wouldn’t be able to see it.

But we checked anyway and it turns out the the moon for my night nav assessment will be a waxing gibbous (note – this is not an ape who has suddenly discovered hair removal). The official explanation of this means that it will be more than half lighted but not full.  I am not sure this will help and am going to give the term a Blonde translation. For this night in February 2013, the words “waxing gibbous” will mean “shines on features”.  Every Dartmoor hole, rock and small dimple I am expected to find will be lit up by a mysterious spotlight.  This miraculous moon will light the features up in the order I will need to find them and it will be clever enough to do it when the assessor isn’t looking.

A girl can dream …