By: Blonde Two

We Blondes have, this Christmas, made an amazing discovery. We are all used to imagining Santa and his elves working hard in a cosy wooden hut in Lapland, Greenland or even the North Pole; but he is getting on a bit these days, and has moved his whole operation to greener pastures on Dartmoor. We thought that we spotted him a few years ago, up at the Dartmoor Christmas Tree (obviously he would visit) and are now certain about the authenticity of our sighting.

Not only does Santa live on Dartmoor, but he has been known to pop into a local hostelry for a quick pint of ale, between elf-shifts. We Blondes have spotted him several times in the last few years, always in the evening and always in the same spot at the bar.

No, of course we aren’t going to tell you which pub. Santa is a kind of Christmas Royalty, and needs his privacy as much as the next prince. I wonder if he owns any land, imagine renting a cottage in the Duchy of Christmas; it would be figgie-pudding and crackers all year round. The sheep would have lovely red coats, there would always be fresh snow and the hills would echo to the sound of ‘Ho, Ho-ing’.

We Blondes have admired Santa from our table in the corner many times now. He is quite friendly, but we don’t interrupt him. If you are out for a Christmas drink tonight, don’t bother looking out for him. We have it from a small and green, but very reliable source, Santa will be working … all night!