By: Blonde Two

It’s not quite time for the Three Kings to arrive yet but, just before Christmas I was very pleased to be able to take my own symbol of royalty out for a walk on Dartmoor. My new crown was a 50th birthday present (it takes at least 10 months to make a Blonde crown) and, as I discovered on the walk, it has proved to be practical as well as beautiful. Handcrafted in Devon in felt chosen to reflect the hues of Dartmoor, my crown even has the West Dart and some gentle heather. Looking at the picture above, you can see how closely the maker has matched the green of the crown to the green of a damp winter day.

If you have ever experienced, on a rainy day, that uncomfortable feeling of an over-sweaty head, you will appreciate how comfortable a crown can be. Blonde One and I were walking on one of Devon’s sunny/rainy days, it wasn’t too cold but it was damp and some type of head covering was definitely required. It was far too warm, however, for a thick hat, which was where the crown came in useful. The comfortable felt fitted perfectly and I had warm ears and felt cosy but, every now and again a cooling drop landed on the top of my head and I am convinced that, as we walked up some of the steeper lanes, steam was rising.

If can thoroughly recommend crown wearing for a walk, especially felt crown wearing. Crowns represent victory, triumph and righteousness, which is, of course, important, but they also act as a half-way house between a headband and your warmest hat. If you fancy one of your own, take a look at @feltwild’s Instagram page and see where her inspiration could take your head!

PS A girl has to store her crown somewhere… luckily this one is the perfect way to complement my latest winter home decor!