By: Blonde Two

Well!  You try finding an antonym for “forecast”!

I had reason today to need to find out what the weather was doing here at home while I was away in Austria.  Our insurance company (remember the leak) seemed fairly certain that there had been no storms (remember Bertha) during that time.  Their definition of a “storm” was interesting, it required at least 20mm of rain.

No problems there but as you know, we Blondes enjoy a bit of weather and the challenges it throws up.  We are quite good at reading weather forecasts, changing routes, reading weather forecasts, changing routes … it can go on a bit especially if you are trying to camp in  February!

But have you ever tried finding out what the weather used to be?  It is much, much more tricky, which is weird because telling people what the weather was yesterday must be much simpler than telling them what it is going to be tomorrow (unless you are a quantum physicist).

I did some internet research and got nowhere but, by the magic of Twitter, those helpful chaps and chapesses at the Met Office were quick off the mark and gave me three really useful Pastcast web pages –

Weather Observations Website (didn’t really understand this one) – 

Climate Summaries – 

Historic Station Data – 

Lots of information but none available for August as yet (they also gave me an email address to use).  I think I have found my new career.  I am going to be a Glamorous Weather Pastcaster, all I need is a blue screen, a snazzy jacket and a very winning smile!