By: Blonde Two

This weekend Blondes One and Two are practising relaxing in different ways.  I will leave Blonde One to tell you what she has been up to but I am up in the lovely Malverns and have decided that, to get some pre Ten Tors camping practise in.  As you are not allowed to wild camp up on the Malvern Hills (although I have found friendly men under benches there before now), I decided that the first thing to do was to find a camp site.  This didn’t take me long as, after a lovely curry, I was far too full to move very far and sneaked my lovely one man Vango up in Mum’s garden.

After seven weeks of enforced inside-ness and really horrid hard work, it turned out that a rainy night in a tent was exactly what Doctor Blonde ordered.  Big Orange (my sleeping bag for those of you who haven’t met him yet) was as friendly and welcoming as ever and I had the added luxury of a pillow (unheard of on Dartmoor).  In the morning I woke up with the dawn and dozed and read my book as I felt like it until my sister bought me a cup of tea.  A cuppa in bed has only happened to me once on Dartmoor and I had to make it myself – we have some newbies this year so perhaps I can persuade them that bringing us tea at five in the morning is the usual thing.  I drank my tea in the company of some cheeky squirrels and friendly robins and suddenly I remembered that the world has relaxation in it.


I have decided that a practice run (or sleep) has to be included as part of my camping schedule in the future.  I found out lots of useful things that would have been more tricky to deal with whilst sorting out thirty youngsters on a cold dark moor:  My tent is still fabulous and can survive even the biggest downpour (plus I can still pitch it in the dark).  My bottom still gets cold even on the warmest of nights (merino pants the only solution).  I still need to remember to open the vents to avoid morning drips of condensation (or keep my hat on).  My head torch cap pings off at every opportunity and needs fixing on with tape (time to buy a spare).

Nothing too much to worry about – and I think two nights outside will have done me the power of good.