By: Blonde Two

Inviting someone to visit can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want plans to go smoothly, you want food to taste good and most of all, you want everybody to enjoy themselves.

We Blondes are happy to report that all of the above did happen this weekend. We’ll tell you more about our OS Champions Dartmoor Frosty Camp later in the week, but for now we would like to hand out an award (teachers love awards!)

We would like to present the ‘Two Blondes Award for Excellent Behaviour’ to the one and only Dartmoor. Do allow us to explain why:


As you know (well we must surely have told you) Dartmoor can be a soggy place at (most of the) times. We love it but clinging mists and invisible views are not to everybody’s taste. I had promised the Champions frost and none appeared but we did get two great walks in two very different but equally enjoyable types of weather.


Saturday was dark and moody with only occasional flashes of light from the thundery sky; the perfect atmosphere for a walk to view the intriguing antiquities at Drizzlecombe. Then Sunday (which was just dark in most parts of the moor) was bright, fresh and windy exactly where we chose to walk (Windy Post of course!)


So well done Dartmoor, we asked you to impress and you did. Maybe not a frosty camp but a spectacular camp nonetheless.