By: Blonde One

I recently had the honour of being the unofficial audience for a rehearsing choir. Little Miss Blonde has always been a singer in her spare time and I grabbed the opportunity to hear her rehearse with a small section of her choir. I was amazed at the complexity of it all. They were using vocabulary that I have never heard of, repeatedly singing phrases that I thought were perfect so that they could get the timing spot on and recognising notes that were just very slightly off. It was all very impressive. Although I have experienced lots of choir concerts as I listened to Little Miss Blonde in various locations, I have never really considered the work that goes into the final performance. It’s obvious really that such a well coordinated activity should require hours of preparation and practice. The group of 4 singers that I silently observed were so supportive of each other: helping when necessary, correcting gently and being very understanding of insecurities. The teamwork was impressive to say the least. The ‘choir master’ for the morning was Issy and was the perfect mix of encouraging and insisting on accuracy. Each one of the group has a bit of juggling to do in order to find time for their hobby (Emma is in the throes of house moving, Alice is mum to a 9 month old baby). Although Issy was ‘in charge’ (I have a feeling she won’t like me to say that she was in charge – hence the inverted commas) the whole group took turns to lead. Throughout the song (a beautiful and soulful Blue Grass song: Angel from Montgomery) each of the four took a more lead role whilst the other 3 provided a perfect harmony.

It struck me as I was listening that my life is a bit like a choir rehearsal with the expeditions being the performances. I couldn’t do any of it alone, the supporting harmonies are what make the end result so very special and no one person is responsible for the success of the event.

What a fine way to pass a morning!