By: Blonde Two

After Friday’s earth moving excitement, here is the blog post I was going to write about Wellington NZ.  Today I shall be mostly using the letter W.

Wellingtonians:  These guys are a great lot.  They are creative in the extreme and you only have to look at the many city sculptures or walk down the whacky Cuba Street to find evidence of this.  They love their city and are out and about in it as much as possible.  Witness these guys having a lunch time winter picnic out near the water. Wellingtonians are also a very friendly bunch – this was in particular evidence just after Friday’s earthquake when I had a lovely cuddle from a complete stranger.


Walking:  For a busy capital city, Wellington has an awful lot of walking potential.  I walked into town up over Mount Victoria on Friday and the views of city, harbour and residential housing were fabulous.  The city has a “Town Belt” which is kept free from development and runs right around the city.  This encompasses walking tracks, pine trees and some native bush.  If you don’t want to climb a hill, have no fear – a wander from the city around the seafront on Oriental Parade will be just the ticket.

Gum Tree City View

Windy:  “I wish I was in Wellington, the wind it cuts right through.”  Thus starts a song that the family Blonde Two like to sing when they are planning a visit here.  Wellington is particularly good at wind, it has mountains, hills and a lot of sea all around.  The wind can sometimes make the take off and landing at the (very small looking) airport seem a bit bumpy but this is nothing compared to a rough Cook Strait crossing to the South Island. The picture below suggests that Wellingtonians are rather proud of their windy status.

Wind Info Mount Vic

Water:  Wellington has miles of coastline, it is definitely a city on the sea.  You can have any type of sea that you want in Wellington as long as you don’t mind it a bit chilly (one cousin is going for a swim in it today).  Surf beaches, cliffs, sailing, kayaking, golden sands, pebbles, shells, penguins (or so it is rumoured), working docks, play parks on the beach, cafe wharfs, super posh apartment wharfs, cafe boats … the list is endless and the Wellingtonians make sure that they enjoy it all.  My particular winter favourite is a stroll in the sunshine along Oriental Parade (as opposed to a quick march along it to escape a city earthquake!)


Weather:  Wind is not the only type of weather that Wellington is good at.  In fact, in any one winter day, you could have the whole range from sunshine to snow showers.  I have been here for most variations now and enjoy the city whichever occurs.  One particular memorable occasion was being snowed in as we tried to leave and watching the airport staff clean ice off the plane wings with a broom and a rather short ladder. When the sun shines and it often does, you will want to get your camera out.

Oriental Parade

Weirdness:  I mean this in the nicest possible way and this blog post is getting too long so let me give you just one example of the weird and wonderful; Today a new friend and I found ourselves balancing spiced jellyfish on a fork in order to measure Wellington seismic activity!