By: Blonde Two

Our apartment here in the Tirol valley of Tux is near perfect.  In fact, what else would an apartment need to provide if it had morning views like this?  A balcony, of course, on which to drink morning Kaffee, a Kaffee machine to make the morning Kaffee and a fridge in which to keep the morning Kuchen safe.Balcony View TuxThere is just one little issue that, to be honest, has been as much an entertainment as an annoyance, the apartment seems to have a few unwelcome visitors in the form of flies.  These flies are, like the rest of Austria, very friendly to visitors but seem to dislike the company of their own kind, choosing to arrive, and bother on their own.

The entertainment factor comes in after bed time when one or other of us can be seen chasing said fly (only one at a time remember) around the bedroom with a rolled up tourist magazine (was that why we were given them on arrival?)  It is sad really, the poor Austrian flies are so friendly that they are easy to thwack.  I have probably not told you that I (the Blonde with no space awareness) once caught a fly (in the style of Karate Kid) with my chopsticks.  I have, in all likelihood, not told you this because I thought you wouldn’t believe me, but you should, it is true.

All of this reminded me of a German tongue twister taught to me by a pen friend at the tender age of 14.  I had two very happy visits with this friend and her family around that time, and my enjoyment of the German language and German food started then.  If you can get your head around it and come up with a translation (clue – all nouns have capitals), very well done!

” Wenn Fliegen hinter Fliegen fliegen, dann fliegen, Fliegen, Fliegen nach.

Here is another one I found in Google-Land, I don’t think it would work in the UK but it is an excellent example of how learning German is all about putting lots and lots of words together and being able to take them apart again.

Wenn meine Braut Blaukraut klaut, dann ist sie eine Blaukrautklaubraut.
If my bride steals red cabbage, then she’s a red cabbage-stealing bride.

Tschuss!  Ich gehe in den Bergen.