By: Blonde One

“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” Coleridge

As usual, February this year has been wet! It’s rained a lot and and kicked off with Storm Darcy right at the beginning of the month. The latter part of the month, however, was particularly wet in the Westcountry. My normal walking route needed to be diverted due to flooded fields and footpaths. The usual livestock that inhabit the fields had to be moved to higher ground as their fields succumbed to the copious quantities of rain that poured down.

According to the Met Office this winter (December and January) is already at 124% of the average rainfall (based on Met Office data for the years 1984-2010). 299mm of rain fell in these 2 months alone! That’s incredible when you think carefully about it. To put it into perspective, that’s almost the depth of a big ruler! No wonder the fields have been flooded.

On a more positive note though, the flooded fields, a week later, were almost back to normal. They had a few puddles left as evidence of their saturated self but generally were easily dry enough to walk on along the normal footpaths.

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