By: Blonde Two

There is one thing in our Blonde outdoor life that really annoys me and that is a damp pair of pants!  It can take tough rain to get through trouser layers that consist of thermals, trousers and over-trousers, but Dartmoor rain is the toughest that there is and was definitely up to the job this weekend.

It took us so long to help out kids with wet kit on Saturday night that the Two Blondes didn’t find themselves huddling in their rain battered tent, cooking their tea until 10.30.  We were a miserable pair and I was particularly grumpy about the fact that I was going to have to take my knickers off.  I would like to point out here that neither taking my knickers off nor putting them on is usually an issue for me, but when you have to do it in a squashed, cold tent next to your (luckily very, very good) friend, it all becomes a bit more complicated.

A bit of discretion via the medium of a sleeping bag helped but didn’t ease the horror of an already cold bottom on a slightly damp and grassy groundsheet.  I didn’t bother with new pants after all the hassle the old ones had given me and slipped into a very attractive pair of men’s long-johns.  It was chilly in the night and I put some walking trousers on as well.  When I got home today, I realised that I had been so busy that I had neglected the lack-of-pant issue and not worn any all day.  How radical am I!