By: Blonde Two

This Blonde is reading the latest Bridget Jones book at the moment so is writing this post in-the-style-of …

Tuesday 22nd October

Kilometres 4.5. Contour lines – 38. Crushed new maps – 1. Face thwacks by wet branches – 4. Times walked past same stile – 3. Times actually seeing stile – 1. Friendly ladies – 1. Crawling sessions – 1. Words – 492.

Set off down farm track to road in drizzle (as opposed to earlier total downpour ). Track very narrow, took careful note of passing place before remembering that was on foot and not in minibus. Bottom of track, turned right, set off along road avoiding puddles (not really possible so abandoned puddle avoidance in favour of puddle appreciation). All the time counting paces and trying not to notice exactly how full Red Lake River was alongside the road. Intrigued by phenomenon that Red Lake (as on Dartmoor) is clearly moving faster than any lake should reasonably be allowed to. Was about to put reminder in phone to investigate said phenomenon when remembered that phone had suffered one drowning this month and deserved to stay warm and dry in pocket. Put reminder in head instead which was soaked but has, at least, not been down a toilet this month.

Relieved to find correct bridge across river was not one that appeared to be made up of rotten planks, odd gaps and strange lumps of concrete – rather road bridge that clearly took weight of Post Office van. Brief moment of worry that might weigh more than Post Office van but put thought out of head and concentrated instead photo (using drowned phone) of signpost indicating direction to “New Invention”. Spent next fifteen minutes of walk trying to imagine what the “New Invention” might have been: Floating roads to cope with ever rising water levels? Sheep with extra long legs to aid paddling in aforementioned rising water? Re-categorisation of local rivers as “lakes” in order to help them forget that they are supposed to flood?

Found path into woods almost immediately. “Almost” in this case meaning, “After walking straight past it but turning around after noticing unexpected quarry.” Path mostly clear but tree line low. Lovely deciduous wood – ash, oak, sycamore, lime. Brief moment of celebration over abundance of healthy looking ash trees. Slightly longer moment of panic over abundance of tiny acorns – thought had discovered new deadly oak disease. Larger acorns soon spotted – decided that tiny acorns must have been for baby squirrels.

Walk continued through woods without event apart from fallen tree negotiation leading to tricky rucksack on/rucksack off, squat/crawl dilemma. Kindling for wood burner successfully collected. Minor trespassing incident after passing near invisible stile on right of field. Luckily no farmer available to shout/shoot at one (Two).

Good to note that legs still work even in the rain. Slight aching of thighs eased later by red wine and hot tub.